Important Guide To Get The Most Out Of My Storage Unit

So, your website has finally come together. You’ve stormed up an eye-catching header, your content is on point, and you are ready to unleash your site to the world.

Then you notice the “Proudly Powered By WordPress” link on your footer. Is your masterpiece forever condemned to being a WordPress mascot, or can the footer be removed? The good news is, it CAN.

You’ve probably noticed the footer message that links back to Proudly Powered by WordPress.

It’s a small message that lives in the footer section of several native WordPress themes, which rightfully gives a shout to the WordPress project volunteers. But while some people may not find this unappealing, you may have bigger plans for your website and this ‘shoutout’ may not be aligned with your plans. So here you are, trying to figure out how to remove the “proudly powered by WordPress” credit from your site. And that’s precisely what this post aims to help you achieve.

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