Harley Quinn Deluxe Adult Costume Suicide Squad

Click Link: https://is.gd/halloween2016 then scroll down to first banner & click on it, then enter “Suicide Squad Harley Quinn” in search box, that will take you to our Suicide Squad Halloween Costumes.

Transform into the infamous joker instantly with our Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Deluxe Adult Costume! The costume includes matching blue and red theme jacket with attached top, red and blue sequined shorts with elastic waist, printed belt that fastens with Velcro, and fishnet tights with elastic waist. The attached top is printed with the words Daddy’s Lil Monster.

Look like Daddy’s little monster with our Harley Makeup Kit! The makeup kit includes a white cream make up, red lipstick, color palette and 2 x applicators. A great accessory for your Harley Quinn costume based on the new movie Suicide Squad featuring the supervillain team from DC comics. This Secret Wishes Salon Quality wig includes a blond nylon wig with a ponytail on each side of the head, one colored pink, the other colored bluish purple. SSQUAD_Harley_Quinn_Wig

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