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A question came from one of the webmasters: How to embed a PDF file into a page or a post? There is a nice plugin to make this possible, it’s called PDF Embedder. This plugin is now installed on all the IMO sites, so you can use it. It is very simple and elegant to handle. Create your page of post, write what you want to enter as a certain content. And when you want to put a PDF file somewhere in the text, just do it.

You can insert first the PDF file in the Media map and then select it by clicking on the left upper ‘Ad Media’ button.

Have a look at the result. Below this text, I put a PDF file. The name of the file is: This is a test PDF. You will see a line of text between brackets. This will be the PDF in the View mode. Below this PDF I write another sentence to show that the PDF is realy ’embedded’.

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