What Can Cause Dizziness? – Dizzyness

Those dizzy spells felt when standing up too quickly have been linked to cognitive decline and dementia later in life.

US scientists believe the brief drop in blood pressure that causes the dizziness – known as orthostatic or postural hypotension – may result in lasting damage to the brain.

The reduced blood flow is thought to cause vascular damage.

A longitudinal study has found those who suffered from orthostatic hypotension in middle age were 40 per cent more likely to develop dementia 20 years later than those who did not.

They also reported 15 per cent more cognitive decline.

The team of researchers tested 11,503 Americans with an average age of 54 who were taking part in a large study looking at the risk of artery disease in four US communities.

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What Causes Vertigo? – Signs Of Vertigo

If you experience dizziness (also referred to as vertigo), this off-balance sensation can place you in an unsure frame of mind, not to mention put your safety at risk.

The latin origin of the word ‘vertigo is “a whirling round.” Vertigo is observed in a number of diseases and causes dizziness and a loss of balance. It can also cause confusion, nausea, lightheadedness, and the feeling of being pulled downward.

Although the cause is often unknown in many cases, problems involving the inner ear are a common cause of vertigo. In addition to a head injury, migraines and lengthy period of bedrest, other contributing factors include:
    •    Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV; a mechanical inner-ear disorder)
    •    Meniere’s disease (a progressive ear disease)
    •    Vestibular neuritis (inflammation of the vestibulocochlear nerve)
    •    Labyrinthitis (a condition caused by inner ear infection)
    •    TMJ (jaw joint) disorder

YouTube video: treatment for vertigo

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Building Shopify Funnel Using Convertri Page Builder

We’re excited to announce the release of the CartHook Checkout Funnel.  I figured the best way to introduce it would be to simply explain what the app does for you by answering a few key questions.

CartHook Checkout Funnel allows you to sell physical products through a funnel with one-click upsells.

More specifically, the app allows you to build a checkout funnel for any product in your Shopify store.

Each funnel is connected to one product from your Shopify store, and consists of a Checkout page and a Thank You page.  You can then add up to 3 upsells and 3 downsells after the Checkout page.  The upsells and downsells are also connected to products in your Shopify store.

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Treatment For Vertigo – Exercises For Vertigo

What is vertigo? Vertigo is a term for the dizzy disturbance that a person feels within a fixed environment. The perception is that the surroundings are tilting or spinning. Vertigo can be sudden and short-lived or chronic. In both cases, the exact cause of vertigo should be uncovered and the necessary treatment undertaken.

There are many causes for the symptoms of Vertigo. An inner ear condition, known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, can occasionally occur as the aftermath of a head injury or severe cold. In addition this kind of vertigo can be the result of the aging process. The cause, however, frequently is unknown. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo may seem like an exceptionally long term, but it describes perfectly this non-progressive condition that is produced by, as its name implies, a quick change in head position. The symptoms are normally unexpected and unpredictable.

Video: exercises for vertigo

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Raleigh Emergency Dentist Emergency Dental Clinic Raleigh Nc

4968 Morris Street
Raleigh, MS 39153

Dental implants can be the perfect solution for missing teeth. No matter how the teeth got lost, due to an accident or lack of dental hygiene, a dental implant will replace the teeth.

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots that are inserted in to the jaw bone to hold the replacement tooth in place. Titanium is used because of the naturally occurring process called osseointegration. This is a process that happens when the jaw bone fuses with the titanium, permanently keeping the tooth implants anchored.


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Company Party Entertainment Ideas

Welcome to the Party Pac Entertainment website.  My name is Randy Ward. I have been an entertainer for more than 25 years specializing in weddings, school events, kids parties and corporate events.  I hope you find this website informative and answers any questions you may have.  Please feel free to contact me for any additional information on how Party Pac Entertainment can make your next event a Party! Thank you, Randy Ward – Disc Jockey, Magician, Balloon Artist, Entertainer –

View this video on YouTube: San Francisco corporate entertainment


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Talented PSG Dressage Horse For Sale

View this video on YouTube: youtube video

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Finding The Best 24 Hour Towing Service Elkhart Indiana

TC Towing and Recovery serves as Traverse City’s leading towing and recovery provider.  In addition to light and medium-duty towing, TC Towing offers off-road recovery and roadside assistance.  In need of towing or recovery services in Traverse City?  Kingsley?  Interlochen?  Look no further – TC Towing has a tow truck near you!  TC Towing not only provides 24-hour towing service and roadside assistance to the City of Traverse City and all of Grand Traverse County, but to Southern Leelanau County as well.  TC Towing provides service to all area interstates and highways including M72, M37 and Route 31.  


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How To In Orange County, Ca

Visiting professional magicians have lectured on some FACEt of the magical arts such as stage and close-up magic, mentalism, clowning, hypnotism, and so forth. Among our recent lecturers have been Johnny Ace Palmer, Daryl, Michael Ammar, Dan Harlan, Jay Sankey, Dick Barry, Kevin James, Joe Givan, Vito Lupo, Dan Sylvester, Loren Christopher Michaels, Dave Neighbors, Dean Dill, Kendrick Ice McDonald, Arnold Furst, Phil Foxwell, Mitch Williams, Eric Lewis, Martin Lewis, John Fedko, Bruce Johnson, George Sands, TC Tahoe, and Lee Earle. Lectures are free to all OCMC members and as a courtesy, IBM Ring #96. There is a small cover fee for all other visitors.

Members perform acts based on a particular theme such as Mentalism & Bizarre Magic; Valentine’s Day Magic; Red, White, & Blue Magic (for the Fourth of July); Open Performances by New Members or Past Presidents, and The Les Rash Close-up Contest. Participation is encouraged at these meetings.

corporate entertainment

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Discover How To Upload A WordPress Theme

Should you want to remove the “Proudly Powered by WordPress” footer credit, I’ll show you how to do that with a single plugin, and no code, for the Twenty Seventeen theme.

For those that feel like removing the credit of our beloved content management system is a bad thing, there is a small security argument to be had, and that’s, obscurity.

View this video on YouTube: How to Install WordPress theme

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